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*Nutrition Deficiency Assessment and personal Diet Planning Worksheet with Top Foods, Adversaries and Promoters list, Antioxidant Capacity Assessment with Recommendations and Nutrition Information Guide package.

These Assessments are one of the many unique and valuable tools I use to help my clients on the road to good health and wellness to "Live Better". Please visit my FAQ page for detailed descriptions. This is a great package to get you started and includes my free Nutrition Information Guide with specific and simple guidelines of good nutrition for both you and your family.  

*Individually Customized Coaching Program by appointment.

Includes all of the above with one on one coaching sessions and additional follow up information catered specifically to you and your health needs. And based on your current state of health and personal health goals, your custom Live Better Program may include: Assessing nutritional deficiencies - Assessing antioxidant capacity - Appraising your general health and designing a personalized nutritional plan - Recommending proper food choices and protocols for many different health conditions - Educating and informing about the benefits of proper nutrition and self care - Providing guidelines for a balanced intake of nutrients and hydration - Checking on food intake through questions and dietary journals - Monitoring symptom and health improvements and adjusting an eating plan where necessary - Encouraging you to follow a varied diet and healthy lifestyle - Working in collaboration with a medical doctor who is supervising you and more... All based on your personal needs and health goals. Buy three or more sessions in advance and save $20 per session! 

*Best Value! - Full Service, Individually Customized Nine Week Coaching Program.

Includes all of the above with weekly one on one 50 minute coaching sessions, where I emphasize a more overall mind and body holistic approach to your health and wellness. This also includes between session access and support and much more...

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Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements or starting a new dietary program!

Nutritional evaluations and lifestyle assessments are not meant to “diagnose” a deficiency, an ailment, a condition, or a disease, NOR to replace medical advice. If you have significant symptoms or any health concerns, you should always consult a medical doctor immediately. Rather, these are intended as a guide for the development of a nutritional program and used to monitor progress in achieving health and wellness goals.

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